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Nip Test and Tuning

The nip loading test gives valuable information on a moisture profile problem, caliper profile problem, too short changing interval of nip rolls or fabrics,... The possible causes of an incorrect nip loading could be from many causes like for e.g. friction in pivots or loading cylinders, faulty pressure transmitter or meter, wrong loading curve (due to structural changes or mistake in a control) or wrong roll crown compensation or internal pressure.

Rather than above, PMPRO in cooperation with ProTest Engineering, specialize in hydraulic, pneumatic and automation & control systems, have introduced different kind of products & services to help and support our customers which depend on the case and difficulty they are facing.

Measurement services, Problem Solving, Condition Monitoring, Tuning and Optimization:

nip force measurementHydraulic measurement

Notice: we will cost-effectively design different kind of sensor brackets and special tools needed in measurements by ourself. For example, special force sensor brackets needed in nip force measurements of roll nips.

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