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On-Site Grinding and Coating

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Superfinishing Machine

Superfinishing equipment

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blade angle meter


Blade Angle Meter

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On-Site Grinding and Coating Services

PMPRO introduces Ralex Industry who has many years of experience for on-site services like grinding, coating, spraying and metalizing.

On-Site Grinding and Coating of Dryer and MG/ Yankee Dryer

dryer grindingMG coating

On-Site Winder Drum Coating

We know to coat on-site rewinder drum with Tungsten Carbide without dismantling and polluting of environment. We can adapt the roughness of the coating in function of the quality of the paper.

winder drum coating

On-Site Non Stick Coating for Roll and Dryer Cylinder

A non sticking coating for the rolls and the dryers to improve the runnability of the paper machine in reducing the sheet breaks and the cleaning times.

Carburflon coating

On-site repairing of journal

journal repair

On-site repairing of housing bearing

repair bearing housing